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Scene Holster - update 0.7

Nov 05 2016 08:33

Scene Holster - Switch maya project and scene at lightning speed! - Update 0.7

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Filter VTX update

Nov 05 2016 12:10

Filter VTX update v0.6

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Shorthand for importing standard maya command modules.

Nov 05 2016 15:38

Shorthand for importing standard maya command modules.

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Public SNS signing key

Feb 02 2017 02:00

This is my public PGP key for verifying my signed SNS messages. Valid till  31/12/2017

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Writing Qt UI layout in pymel's 'with layout' style.

Nov 26 2017 01:04

Extending and modifying Qt's layout class, making UI object constructible using pymel's 'with' style.

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Extending Pymel's node types with 'Virtual Class'

Nov 29 2017 00:23

How would one go about extending pymel class? The first obvious solution was to simply inherit the nodetype. But due how pymel's node creation works, simple inheritance such as the following code below would not behave as expected.

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Using Pymel's NodeTracker

Dec 08 2018 18:24

Tracking new dependency nodes the easy way.

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Building Numpy for Maya Python (2.7)

Dec 16 2020 16:49

This article will explain the process of compiling Numpy from scratch for Maya Python (2.7) on windows.

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