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Scene Holster - update 0.7
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Bantukul Olarn
Nov 05 2016 08:33

Scene Holster - Switch maya project and scene at lightning speed! - Update 0.7


  • Now supports Maya 2017 64
  • Add new "Scroll system directory tree to currently opened scene" button
  • System directory tree now uses a newer engine that should be more responsive
  • Incoporated file watcher to system directory tree stays upated
  • Re-written to support both pyside and pyside2 (both qt4 & 5)
  • Experimental support for PyQt4/5. If both package exists, pyside will be used
  • All new binary, tested on Maya 2017, 2016.5, 2016, 2015, 2014 64bit 
Known limitation: 
  • System directory tree sorting only works under active maya project directory
  • (selected directly from UI) for performance reasons :( 


Scene holster screen cap

Main UI 0.7


Rapid scene switching!